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J a g e r Cop App

1. What is your In-Game name?: J a g e r

2. What is your Steam 64 ID? (You can get this from https://steamid.io/): 76561198161430672

3. How long have you been a member of the ARA?: 1 Day

4. Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department? (50+ Words): [Going to include a short RP story]: Ever since I was a Somalian child collecting copper, doing hard work, I always wondered what the city life was like... One day a man dressed in all black came to work I was working, a few hours later I was aboard a ship, bound for 'Altis'. When I arrived I immediately bought a weapon, started robbing gas stations I was a real criminal... However all good tales must end as I was cornered by officer 'Tomonator', I agreed to surrender in exchange for my life to resume, ever since that day my perspective has changed on Altis and its people. I want to be a police officer so I may help others like me in need of a steer in direction of life, away from the criminal life, to help and serve the people.

5. What do you think you can contribute towards the Department? (100+ Words): I believe my skills can be used to the best of their abilities, taking down crims, on other servers I play as SWAT snipers, I can bring sniping, CQB tactics and a lot more to this PD, my main skill is close quarters, I love sniping in itself but sometimes you have to get up close to achieve victory. I am an excellent pilot and rarely/ near on never crash, I always revive other officers to make sure as much units are alive as possible, I believe numbers are key to survival in combat, not being Rambo.

6. Do you have any previous experience on Life Servers in a Police Officer role?: I have been Dcomm on CGRP, Comm on Bogan Life, and Currently a cop on Darkside Life, whitelisted. and was a cop on Vendetta Life, before it got taken down.


Thanks for reading this application, I hope I get accepted!


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Posted (edited)


By Deputy Commissioner Matt.k

Welcome to the force

Message a staff member for tags/whitelisting

I will forget about the 100+ word limit because you have 

put some work into your app thanks for applying.

Edited by Matt

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