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Version 1.2 (July 2017)


- Addition
- Removal
- Bug Fix
- Improvement
- Change/Tweak

New Y Menu

  • Custom Background with Apps for buttons

Dynamic Market

  • Prices will change depending on other items
  • Illegal and Legal have separate price groups so won't affect each other

Advanced Towing

  • Use scroll wheel to use
  • Probably edit this later

Police Gate Open Key

  • Police can now open gates while in a vehicle with the "O" key

Donor and Playtime Perk System

  • These are separate from each other, Perk System is based on server play time.
  • 3 Donator Perk Levels
  • 6 Playtime Perk Levels


  • Safe Zones - Kavala and KOS Rebel Outpost - also added in checks for different actions (e.g. knockout)
  • KOS Zones - All Illegal Areas + Large Rebel KOS Zone

Auto Sync

  • Auto Sync Player's data every 15 minutes, manual Sync is disabled for 1 minute after.


  • Seatbelts can be put on using the scroll wheel in a vehicle, they reduce damage by 50%.

Convoy Missions

  • There are now 2 types of convoys missions (routes to be changed)
  • Weapon Convoy: Capture the weapons convoy and get away with a variety of weapons and attachments
  • Gold Transport: Capture the gold convoy and get away with a large amount of Federal Gold


  • Added a ragdoll effect to tazers


  • Zipties were not working properly, this has now been fixed



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