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  1. I agree with that as well also you will get people camping the fields and processes and as soon as someone comes in the can be shot with 0 RP involved and then people will complain and might even leave.
  2. Hi I would like to request comp for my tempest Transport Covered and the pull out cost. I spawned in Sofia and was going to do a salt run went to the Sofia garage to pull out my Tempest and it spawned and blew up I died with it so I couldn't see what it got stuck on but I did run back there to take some pics here. cost of the truck was $350,000 and retrieval price was $70,000 so in total $420,000 IGN is WUBBERDUCKIE.
  3. Don't know where this cop station will be located if it is to bee added but here are some pics ENJOY Please leave any Feedback Thanks <3 WUBBERDUCKIE.
  4. New Athira Cop base finished and looking sexy <3 Please leave any feedback you have I would love to hear it. WUBBERDUCKIE.
  5. I decided to remove the Barracks building and changed it up with this i like this much more then the original one I had placed in there.
  6. after many hours and fucking around with ideas I have finally finished my cop base at KAV if you guy have got any more idea let me know would love to add more to this build. WUBBERDUCKIE
  7. I got really bored and decided to redo cop base for the hell of it this probably wont be added into the server but thought I wold share it with you all and get your opinions WUBBERDUCKIE
  8. I would like combat medic please I like being on the field and helping my squad.
  9. +1
  10. +1
  11. +1
  12. +1
  13. +1
  14. BYE
  15. 1. What is your In-Game name? My ingame name is WUBBERDUCKIE. 2. What is your Steam 64 ID? 76561198069492286 3. How long have you been a member of the ARA? I have been a ARA member for about 2-3weeks now. 4. Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department? (50+ Words) The reason I want to join the APD is I would like to protect and serve for the people of Altis and would love to work my ways up in the ranks of a Altis Police Officer I have been apart of many other police departments in my time of a officer and am hoping for a new change of sence and role in the Altis police department. 5. What do you think you can contribute towards the Department? (100+ Words) I WUBBERDUCKE think I can bring a lot of time and effort into the Altis police force I have had a lot experience in life servers as a police officer and think I will bring great role play to the police force I am willing to learn and listen to my higher ups on the commands they give me I know my police Laws and rules for servers and am willing to bring all my knowledge that I have learnt across my time as a police officers I have 2684 hours on Arma 3 and about 2400 of those have been life servers as a police officer. 6. Do you have any previous experience on Life Servers in a Police Officer role? Yes i have over 2600 hours on Arma 3 and am very experienced with the life servers