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  1. Accepted Welcome to the team Jager. - Post Locked
  2. Awesome, see you then.
  3. Thank you for the application, I would like to speak with you next time your on our TeamSpeak 3 server: ARA.STREAMLINEGAMES.COM
  4. @Jager Thank you for the suggestions mate, I love the effort you put into the post also. We will definitely look into adding some of these. As for armed vehicles and cop reviving, if we were to add in a Pawnee the ammo would have to be only obtained through crafting, and giving cops the ability to revive is something we originally did not want to do but we could work something out.
  5. The retrieval price for all vehicles has been drastically lowered from 20% to 5% of the vehicles Buy Price.
  6. We will look into adding some of these suggestions over the coming weeks. Thanks for your suggestions Jelly.
  7. Cheers for introducing yourself User, not a bad taste in movies either . Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your stay here.
  8. The following link will direct you to our current and up-to-date Standard Operating Procedures also known as SOP's. SOP's Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a77HrV0-NP3H9eqDne-5OQqlywv9K-o2SQQW1pJ9V0M/edit?usp=sharing This will eventually be readable on the website instead of google docs.
  9. +1 Nice Fella
  10. You can head to Athira now and check it out in-game.
  11. Welcome home Hayden
  12. Approved
  13. Never
  14. 1. What is your In-Game name? [ARA] KillerAussie 2. What is your Steam 64 ID? (You can get this from https://steamid.io/) 76561198088406900 3. How long have you been a member of the ARA? Since the community Started. 4. Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department? (50+ Words) Bottom line? So I can experience an aspect of the game/server in a way that would otherwise be unavailable to me. I would also like to join the Police so I can give any new players or current players a fun/enjoyable experience on the server through civ/cop interaction. As most people know, the first impressions of a police officer, whether they are a high ranking officer or a cadet, is crucial to a new player. I want to make sure that if anyone is watching the police on the ARA server, that they are left with a profoundly good, satisfying and long lasting impression that will carry on to other servers. I want to help make our Police force's reputation of being professional, uplifting, friendly and outstanding to proceed itself into other communities. I want to make our Police Force GREAT AGAIN! 5. What do you think you can contribute towards the Department? (100+ Words) I believe this question should read "what WOULD I contribute to the Police Force" as well as "HOW MUCH I WOULD contribute to the Police Force". Putting that aside, there are a number of perks/values that I posses that would be crucial to the success of the Police Force, some of which are unique to me and me alone. I would bring an outstanding, professional and positive attitude to the Australian Rebel Army Police force but not only would I bring such an outlook but I would bring it abundantly. I would also contribute my time to the Police Force, I would join/play as cop everyday for at LEAST 2 hours unless not possible because of important real life events. I would also bring, also in abundance, great ideas and great optimism for the future progression of the Police Force and would embrace, wholeheartedly, any change that is for the better of the Police Force. These are only some of the things that I would bring to the Police Force, you will have to accept me into the police force to see what else I am capable of. 6. Do you have any previous experience on Life Servers in a Police Officer role? I have experiences in multiple Altis life servers and some Modded Island life servers in the role of a Police Officer.
  15. ark