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  1. When processing a coca leaf at a gang hideout it should process into a less refined drug which would be worth a percentage(say 50%) of the pure processing method ( After you buy the training). You could also implement a system so that the player must first learn how to create the less refined drug before attempting the Pure processing method. Cheers, Amused
  2. Hi guys, the names Hayden (Amused) some of you may know me. I've played my fair share of Altis Life back in the day. Awesome to see a nice little community in the making.
  3. I have a suggestion in regards to the early game money making. Starting cash should be reduced and/or gang license cost should be more expensive at least until the servers populous grows. With 100k start you have the ability to buy a gang license and vehicle within your first 15minutes of playing. This allows the player to start illegal drugs such as cocaine extremely early on. This should be looked at to possibly increase the amount of players going for the legal methods of money making such as mining, oil, and sand early on in their RP adventures in the land of Altis. It seems like at the moment a whole tier of activities is being skipped when it could be bringing a whole new level of RP to the server. Cheers, Amused