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  1. Cheers, mate!
  2. Hello everyone! Some of you might know me, some might not, always nice to see new faces My favourite movies are Blackhawk Down and Fury, and my favourite hobby is chillin with friends. Always love a good chat, hit me up!
  3. Heyyy Hayden! I gave you 20 grand
  4. I really agree with the legal idea's of it, and it sort of gets annoying when EVERYONE is usually going for the drug runs, and you can never find anyone to roleplay with, and you sort of get bored.
  5. Looks beastly mate! Love it.
  6. I agree. It sort of takes the fun out of the whole role play part of the game, which is crucial because, well it's a role play server.
  7. I support it. If someone is reckless driving they shouldn't be on the road.
  8. I mean, doing drug runs, while it earns more money, takes an enormous amount of time, and has a low success chance. So, I guess hunting would be fun, take less time, and I guess have a good success chance.
  9. Fury and Black Hawk Down.
  10. Looks very cool. If possible, you should add an evidence room that police officers can store captured weapons/illegal equipment in.