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  1. ACCEPTED By Deputy Commissioner Matt.k Welcome to the force Message a staff member for tags/whitelisting I will forget about the 100+ word limit because you have put some work into your app thanks for applying.
  2. ACCEPTED By Deputy Commissioner Matt.k Welcome to the Police force Message one of the staff members for Whitelisting/Tag
  3. DENIED By Deputy Commissioner Matt.k Reason: Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department? (50+ Words) What do you think you can contribute towards the Department? (100+ Words) Please Reach the word limit to be accepted. Feel free to put any app in.
  4. Never mind g now thanks x
  5. Legit just pulled out a orca had 1.4 mil took me down to 600k ? like what if i wanted to just to get somewhere i don't see why every car/heli is sooo much like i can understand the trucks and shit higher helis mohawk huron but humming bird cost 720k to buy now like its your starting heli should only cost around 300k its like everytime i need to fly somewhere or go on rob people might have some people on the side with guns to shoot peoples wheels out n shit but there goes half my bank just getting it out
  6. Yes but people see the cops have pawnee orca with ammo then rebels will expect more armed helis and shit to shoot them down. Pretty sure the rebels are getting pawnee later on that you can craft ammo and that not 100% sure on that one i know how they only 6.5 but again Ghosthawk armed they can take the wheels out on a truck ifit strider pretty easy.
  7. Could agree with most of it besides Civ and cop can rev each other medic and cop should be the only ones that can rev even cops i'm making it in the SOP's that you can not rev when there is a medic online. and also might not have all those armed helis as we have a ghosthawk armed that's all we really need
  8. Civ shouldn't be able to rev civs that would get abused so much reviving in combat 24/7
  9. ACCEPTED Welcome to the force. Accepted by Assistant Commissioner Matt.k
  10. The only problem I have is the prices for trucks helis are a lot and people only do drug run no one want to buy a Huron or something and do a copper run but then again no one wants to go to field or pro and just land and get shot without a chance and then there goes over 6 mil
  11. Having a KOS Zone ruins players fun instead of having kos make it so you have to dec on the player that way you can create more roleplay take him hostage sell him back to his friends or the cops its more fun then just shooting someone