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  1. Here's your lists highlighted with some info about my thoughts Not Happening - Just to clarify if these ever were to happen in would be in the distant future Up For Discussion - Some of these are happening we just need to discuss them before we can start Future Updates Coming Soon Please Explain More - Remove Stamina. - Convoys difficulty increased. - If you kill them before they get out you get it no matter what the difficulty, I could add another vehicle... - Civ. and cops can revive each other. - Add in suppressors. - Couple more roles, e.g PMC , security. - More scripted events, such as, Art Gallery, Commonwealth bank (Not federal reserve). - Chopshop prices get re - accessed. - Bodies Be Lootable. - more weapons and clothing options in the clothing stores and weapon vendors. - Decrease prices for clothes, e.g. Full Ghille, Arid -150k... Too expensive. - More Vehicles. - Rebel Missions to complete for cash. - I've started the bare basics of an extensive job script that I'll be working on in my spare time - Don't require as much gold to craft weapons. - The reason we have done this is because its so easy to get gold from Convoys - Police Missions to earn cash. - Under the job script - Martial Law menu. - I actually have one ready to go from my old mission file just need to find it in my files - Fire / Boot off system, e.g [Player] [Time] [Reason For Temp Suspension]. - Fuel Reducers, Shot out of Titan launcher, instead of a lethal rocket, a fuel reductor can be used to drain fuel from a vehicle, armed vehicles will have no other choice but to leave or risk fuel reaching 0. - Few More ranks as the server progresses on. - Police Events, such as, convoys or defence of an area. - Armed Air Vehicles, Pawnee, Orcas, Hellcats (For Cops) Kajman (For Cops) - I'm very keen on doing this however we need strict rules around it, and we may not just put them in the shops either - Martial Law have perks for civ and cop for example... Cops may break nlr during ML but can only spawn a certain distance away. - More rewards for civs during ML. - I don't understand why you'd have more rewards during ML Thankyou for taking the time and effort to put in many great ideas, I'm going to discuss some of these with @KillerAussie. Keep an eye on our changelog for future update info!
  2. Not happening sorry, the reason they were made KOS is because they are illegal. If you're doing illegal activities then you have the added risk of not being declared on. There are plenty of legal jobs on Altis, and once you're out of KOS they still have to declare (Rules are shady on KOS zones if you would like to suggest anything feel free). @wubberduckie if I remember it was you yourself I was with on another server, where we had other gang members come in and we were able to push them off. Besides all this, if you don't want to be killed on site simply stay out of the zone.
  3. +1 I like this, what you think @Venom?
  4. Legend - Addition - Removal - Bug Fix - Improvement - Change/Tweak New Y Menu Custom Background with Apps for buttons Dynamic Market Prices will change depending on other items Illegal and Legal have separate price groups so won't affect each other Advanced Towing Use scroll wheel to use Probably edit this later Police Gate Open Key Police can now open gates while in a vehicle with the "O" key Donor and Playtime Perk System These are separate from each other, Perk System is based on server play time. 3 Donator Perk Levels 6 Playtime Perk Levels Zones Safe Zones - Kavala and KOS Rebel Outpost - also added in checks for different actions (e.g. knockout) KOS Zones - All Illegal Areas + Large Rebel KOS Zone Auto Sync Auto Sync Player's data every 15 minutes, manual Sync is disabled for 1 minute after. Seatbelts Seatbelts can be put on using the scroll wheel in a vehicle, they reduce damage by 50%. Convoy Missions There are now 2 types of convoys missions (routes to be changed) Weapon Convoy: Capture the weapons convoy and get away with a variety of weapons and attachments Gold Transport: Capture the gold convoy and get away with a large amount of Federal Gold Tazers Added a ragdoll effect to tazers Zipties Zipties were not working properly, this has now been fixed
  5. Hey All, Due to rising community costs, I have be forced to make private channels available to donors only. Some of you have been supporting us for a long time but we can no longer afford to be giving away free TeamSpeak channels. Please understand that without donations the servers that we use for the community will go down. In the coming days we will be swapping over to a perk system for channels, so if you would like to keep yours please consider making a donation. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss any issues you have with this, please create a post below or contact me on TeamSpeak.
  6. police

    See me on TeamSpeak for your tags
  7. shotgun sniper bc thats my fave and I havent been able to play as that role in our ops, Venom teach me ace ballistics plez
  8. See me on Teamspeak for your tags.
  9. All donations are greatly appreciated and are a vital of keeping our servers alive. We operate purely on the generosity of our members and rely entirely on donations to pay our bills. If you enjoy playing on our server, please consider donating! READ THIS IT'S IMPORTANT: After a donation there are a few ways you can receive your perks. You MUST either: Post in the donation forum with your Steam ID, donation amount, In-Game name and email you used to donate with. Send a note with the PayPal donation stating your Steam ID and Forum Username Once your donation has been received you will get a message on the forums, so keep an eye out! Perk Level 1 ($10 for 30 days non-subscription) Access to a Donor Civilian Slot (This means you can connect to the server once the open slots are full) Access to a Donor Section on the Forums - Faster response time for Comp & Support Requests - Ability to request Server Features & talk with a developer about their idea. - Faster response time for Applications Access to Donor Rooms on our TeamSpeak Access to Custom ARA Donor Skins (COMING SOON) Perk Level 2 ($20 for 30 days non-subscription) Access to a Donor Civilian Slot (This means you can connect to the server once the open slots are full) Access to a Donor Section on the Forums - Faster response time for Comp & Support Requests - Ability to request Server Features & talk with a developer about their idea. - Faster response time for Applications Access to Donor Rooms on our TeamSpeak Access to Custom ARA Donor Skins (COMING SOON) Gang or Private TS Channel (2 sub-channels)* 1 Skin ((gun, vehicle, uniform, 1 per gang) or 2 Billboards placed anywhere on map)** Perk Level 3 ($30 for 30 days non-subscription) Access to a Donor Civilian Slot (This means you can connect to the server once the open slots are full) Access to a Donor Section on the Forums - Faster response time for Comp & Support Requests - Ability to request Server Features & talk with a developer about their idea. - Faster response time for Applications Access to Donor Rooms on our TeamSpeak Access to Custom ARA Donor Skins (COMING SOON) Gang or Private TS Channel (3 sub-channels + 1 hidden)* 2 Skins ((gun, vehicle, uniform, 1 per gang) + 2 Billboards placed anywhere on map + another 2 after 3rd donation)** *Sub-Channels only apply to Gangs **Skins (Excluding Billboards) Only Apply to Community Registered Gangs, please apply for this on the forums see HERE for T&C's (GANG REGISTRATION COMING SOON). Staff Members are not obliged to make your skin.
  10. ARA has decided to apply for monetization to help cover ongoing Server and Community costs. If at any time you feel we are in breach of the above conditions please notify an Admin so we can rectify them immediately. Our servers will never be pay to play. However this does not mean all open civilian slots will not be taken. In-game perks will only ever be cosmetic. This includes but is not limited to: Skins, Donator Menu with Animations(Planned), Billboards and Donator Civilian Slots. Perks run on a 30 day basis(Non-Subscription), your donation will get you the perks corresponding to your donation amount for 30 days. All donations are greatly appreciated and are a vital of keeping our servers alive. We operate purely on the generosity of our members and rely entirely on donations to pay our bills. If you enjoy playing on our server, please consider donating! READ THIS IT'S IMPORTANT: After a donation there are a few ways you can receive your perks. You MUST either: Post in the donation forum with your Steam ID, donation amount, In-Game name and email you used to donate with. Send a note with the PayPal donation stating your Steam ID and Forum Username Once your donation has been received you will get a message on the forums, so keep an eye out! Perk Level 1 ($10 for 30 days non-subscription) Access to a Donor Civilian Slot (This means you can connect to the server once the open slots are full) Access to a Donor Section on the Forums - Faster response time for Comp & Support Requests - Ability to request Server Features & talk with a developer about their idea. - Faster response time for Applications Access to Donor Rooms on our TeamSpeak Perk Level 2 ($20 for 30 days non-subscription) Access to a Donor Civilian Slot (This means you can connect to the server once the open slots are full) Access to a Donor Section on the Forums - Faster response time for Comp & Support Requests - Ability to request Server Features & talk with a developer about their idea. - Faster response time for Applications Access to Donor Rooms on our TeamSpeak Gang or Private TS Channel (2 sub-channels) 1 Skin ((gun, vehicle, uniform, 1 per gang) or 2 Billboards placed anywhere on map) Perk Level 3 ($30 for 30 days non-subscription) Access to a Donor Civilian Slot (This means you can connect to the server once the open slots are full) Access to a Donor Section on the Forums - Faster response time for Comp & Support Requests - Ability to request Server Features & talk with a developer about their idea. - Faster response time for Applications Access to Donor Rooms on our TeamSpeak Gang or Private TS Channel (3 sub-channels + 1 hidden) 2 Skins ((gun, vehicle, uniform, 1 per gang) + 2 Billboards placed anywhere on map + another 2 after 3rd donation)
  11. +1 Will probably implement something like this
  12. What times do you usually get on and play throughout the week? Just making this so people can get an idea of when people are on Yous know me, I'm on Monday through Sunday when I'm not working (which is a lot lately) and disappear randomly when the GF wants me to do something
  13. In Antistasi Altis is classified into two types of territory: zones and towns. Both serve different purposes and must be taken by the player through totally different means. 1. Zones are areas of the map directly controlled and garrisoned by the AAF. They include Outposts, Bases, Airports, Powerplants, Factories, Resources, and Seaports. In order to conquer zones the player must storm them, approach the flag, and use the Take the Flag option to formally claim the zone for the FIA. At that point the zone will change to the FIA and they will start benefiting from having that zone immediately. Bear in mind that zones that are in radio contact will have the help of nearby enemy bases. The AAF may not wait until the battle is nearly lost to call for help, a large attack on their position may result in an immediate QRF response. Whether the AI sends a QRF is subject to a number of conditions such as whether there is a nearby base/airport available to rally their forces, whether sending a QRF will be dangerous (i.e. high chance of ambush by another FIA zone), and whether another zone’s QRF is already en route. The FIA will dispatch a garrison to this newly-captured location as soon as you take control of it. The size of the garrison is generally proportional to its importance. Airfields and bases get more troops and vehicles than an isolated outpost. NATO will send some of their own soldiers to garrison key zones as well. The size of the NATO garrison is proportional to the support NATO has for you at the time. Also note that depending on conditions the AAF may launch a counterattack. When and how strong the counterattack is depends on a number of factors discussed throughout this guide. If you lack the resources to capture a zone but still want to deny the enemy the benefit of it, you do have the ability to destroy the zone. Factories are easy enough to demolish given enough time and mortars. If you capture that factory later, you can always rebuild the zone for $5,000 to restore its benefit. 2. Towns are where you will find the residents of Altis trying not to get killed. Conquering towns involves convincing the people that they should back the FIA. The player has many options to do this. They can complete missions like delivering supplies, rescuing prisoners, killing AAF forces, and, crucially, controlling the power plant that gives electricity to that town. Altis residents get very annoyed when they have no power, denying power to AAF towns or supply power to FIA towns will go a long way in gaining and keeping the local population’s support. The benefit of power is not immediate, however. You need to prove to the citizens of that town that you can provide stable electricity over the long term. Thus, the benefit to powering a friendly town will accumulate over time. Stability is key. This is particularly helpful later in the game when some towns are 100% in favor of the AAF. Securing a power plant can make it much easier for the FIA to wear down AAF support without direct interaction. Power All towns and most zones require power to fully function. In order to power a town or zone a player must own the nearby power plant and the zone/town itself. Antistasi will automatically shut off the power to towns and zones that the player does not own as a way of denying resources to the enemy. Of course, the AAF will do the same to you. You can determine which power plants supply electricity to which areas based on distance to the power plant. As a general rule, whichever power plant is closest to the town or zone in question is the one supplying electricity to it. Note: Killing workers at power plants will result in a complete cut off of power in that plant and all the supplied towns. Zones There are 8 types of zones, seen below. Roadblock Roads might be controlled by roadblocks which consist in few sandbags, '50cal and a small garrison. This is the main obstacle of undercover business since enemies will identify you in a range of approximatively 150m both while driving and on foot. On the other hand, this is an easy objective to attack provided that you attack the gunners before you get spotted. Note: Roadblock are linked to proximity objectives, only holding them will make it won't respawn again, otherwise, don't get surprised if they mount guard again after you leave the area Outposts This is a small fortified area where the AAF stations a garrison of troops and occasionally a vehicle. Exactly what equipment compliment the outpost will have varies on the outpost. Sometimes a tower with a .50 cal machinegun will be present. Sometimes just a few soldiers with some sandbags are all that defends the outpost. Scouting is key to make sure you bring the right amount of force to conquer an outpost. Outposts don’t have a very large direct impact on the FIA’s wealth but it does provide an area where you can garrison troops and watch enemy movements. Since attacked must originate from a base, if an outpost stands between an AAF attack and its intended target, the outpost will provide an extra layer of defense for you. Outposts do not require power to function. Bases Bases are a lot like outposts in that they are a place where a lot of troops reside. However, they are much larger, better defended, and generally have heavy weaponry. Taking a base requires a lot of resources and firepower. Expect to face many squads of infantry, APCs, tanks, air support, and mortar support. All of these things will be dug-in, well-placed, and potentially screened by minefields. Like outposts, they do not provide a monetary benefit to capturing but they do automatically spawn a sizeable garrison when conquered so they serve as a safe place to base your operations from. At least one base is required in order for NATO to provide certain services but more on that later. Bases do not require power to function. Airports Airports are like bases except they have the luxury of close air support that can be scrambled at any moment. Much like bases, expect many soldiers and heavy weaponry to support their defense. You will also have to contend with helicopters providing support and reconnaissance almost immediately. Bear in mind, though, that these helicopters will start the attack on the ground; they must be manned and scrambled to be used. If you’re stealthy you can disable most of the enemy’s aircraft before they can be brought against you. Note, however, that this will require careful movement as airports normally have guard dogs patrolling, especially near the airport’s flag. Sneaking across the runway to “headshot” an airfield will be difficult if not impossible when dogs are on the prowl. After conquering an airbase you will receive a sizeable garrison complete with robust anti-air capabilities. NATO will also be able to provide you with additional services once you conquer your first airbase. Airports do not require power to function. Factories Factories produce money and many other advantages for whichever side controls them. In order to function at all they must be powered. Knocking out a nearby power plant is the same as disabling a factory, at least until the power is restored. Do note that factories are inhabited (or at least manned) by civilians. Pummeling a factory with mortars may lead to innocent casualties. Of course, if you destroy the factory structure itself it will no longer provide resources to its owner. Similarly, you also have the option of murdering all of the factory’s workers to prevent it from operating, although this has consequences. A powered factory will produce a considerable boost in income for the player with each 10 minute check-in. This also means that the AAF will not be getting this same advantage. Conquering many factories, and destroying the ones you can’t, puts an immediate strain on AAF strength. You can reduce the amount of armor and helicopters pestering your troops by denying the enemy economic resources. Both FIA and AAF resources are calculated by multiplying existing resources by the number of factories owned. So, although resource zones generate cash for the FIA, capturing or destroying factories do more to harm the AAF’s production capabilities. Factories also reduce the amount of weapons or equipment required to be stored in your Arsenal before that item is permanently added to your Arsenal view. Of course, items permanently supplied by your Arsenal will also be automatically given to troops and squads you recruit. See later in the guide for more information on how Arsenal mechanics work. Resources Resources are the main money generator for the FIA and they become even more powerful if used in conjunction with factories. It is helpful to think of resources as the base money-making zone and factories as a force multiplier. Resources are generally simpler zones to capture and have a much lower chance of civilian casualties. They generally lack large structures or large civilian worker populations and can often be quite remote. Like their factory counterparts they require power to function. Power Plants Power plants were already discussed in detail above. Like factories they can be destroyed and, of course, active factories are always powered. There are many power plants strewn across the map. Monopolizing electricity on Altis has an exponential effect the longer you control power plants. The cumulative denial of this resource to the AAF can be tremendous if strategic power plants are taken or destroyed before the AAF gathers too much strength. Radio Towers Radio towers are important for two reasons: AAF counterattacks and intercepting enemy communications. Just like factories or resources, radio towers can be destroyed to deny the enemy access to them. Each radio tower has a 3km range that allows it to relay communications between different zones in the island. This means attacking an enemy zone in radio communication with a major AAF base will elicit a major counterattack. On the flip side, if an enemy base or resource is not in communication with other zones, the player can attack that zone without fear of a major response. The advantage of cutting lines of communication with other zones is available both with destroying or capturing radio towers. However, capturing a radio tower also has the added benefit of allowing the FIA the chance to intercept enemy radio communications. With each 10 minute check-in, Antistasi will also determine if the player is successful in intercepting enemy comms. If successful, the composition and location of enemy patrols and other roving units will be revealed on the map. The information is only a snapshot of the moment in which communications where intercepted, so the information begins to go stale as soon as the enemy’s whereabouts are reported. Radio towers do not require power to function. Seaports Seaports provide two key benefits: they are the only place where you can purchase boats and they lower the cost of purchasing vehicles for the FIA. The logic behind this is seaports allow for the shipping in of vehicles and resources at a lower cost, thus your land operations benefit from having easy access to the sea. In general, Antistasi does not have many features for sea-based warfare although the AAF will station a minigun attack boat near the seaport for defense. Seaports do not require power to function. Note that when capturing a seaport the enemy’s supply box will often have some interesting items in them that you can’t find anywhere else. Rebreathers and other sea-specialized gear are available at seaports. Towns As mentioned above, towns are an important part of Antistasi but they function very differently from conquerable zones. Since the FIA is fighting to free the people and not subjugate them, your job is to prove to the residents of Altis that the FIA is worth supporting. To do this, you must either disrupt and discredit the AAF or accomplish charitable acts for the people. Unlike bases and other zones, you cannot just kill the enemy and march into the center of the town and raise your flag. The residents will decide when they think the FIA is worth supporting. Each town has several important attributes: 1. Population – Population generally does not change throughout the campaign but it is a very important statistic because the more civilians support you the closer you are to victory. Antistasi is capable of modeling every citizen on Altis as an actual avatar if your server/computer is able to handle it. You can change this setting under game options, which will be covered later. The higher the population the more people you will see walking around the general vicinity of the town. Bear in mind that citizens may support the AAF and will report your position if they spot you (or blow your undercover if you’re seen doing something aggressive like plant mines or driving through the wilderness). 2. AAF Support – This is a percentage of the town’s population that supports your enemy, the AAF. At the start of the game, towns will support the AAF at 50% if playing on Recruit or Normal and 75% on Veteran and Elite. Regardless of difficulty, towns will start out with no support for the FIA. 3. FIA Support – This is the percentage of the town’s population that supports the FIA. 4. Power – Every town in Altis has access to power provided the nearest power plant is owned by the side that controls the town. Obviously, citizens who do not have power are less pleased with their owners because they can’t play ARMA 3 without electricity!
  14. City Supplies Trigger: Petros "Logistic Mission", Random This mission involves driving a truck to the center of a town and guarding it for 2 minutes while citizens grab its supplies. At the close of the two minutes the truck will magically run out of fuel, stranding you in the town. Be prepared to exfiltrate on foot or scout a nearby vehicle you can “borrow” to high tail it out of there. No enemy troops spawn specifically for this mission so as long as there are no patrols around, you may be able to pull this mission off without firing a shot. A couple of tips for this one: 1. Note that the truck can carry 3 passengers so if you’d like some extra firepower you can conveniently bring along two squadmates to support you. 2. You can go undercover in this truck right from your HQ and then drive carefree to your objective. However, upon reaching within 50 meters of your objective and the 2 minute supply timer will start and you will automatically lose Undercover Mode. Remember that if your supply location happens to be tended by a squad of enemy infantry! Bank Robbery Trigger: Petros "Logistic Mission", Randomly (rare = you've to be within 4km from Kavala or Pyrgos) This is one of the rarer missions in the game but it has the opportunity to provide the FIA with a big payout if successful. In order for the mission to appear the FIA’s headquarters must be near Kavala or Pyrgos and that city must be owned by the AAF. When it triggers the player will have to storm the bank building in that city and park/defend a truck provided by Petros close to the bank for two minutes while it is loaded with cash. The action to load the truck is the same as stealing supplies from an ammo box and the same rules about moving or leaving the truck still apply here as well. This mission will give a big boost to the FIA’s money but it will cost you some support from the local population since you are mostly stealing from their bank accounts! There are no negative effects from ignoring this mission. Capture/Destroy Ammo Truck Trigger: Petros "Logistic mission", Randomly This mission spawns an Ammo Truck near an AAF-controlled zone and tasks the FIA with either capturing it and returning it to base or destroying it. Normally these trucks will spawn in AAF outpost so they are relatively easy to take (in addition to giving you the opportunity to raid an outpost at the same time). If you’re able to capture the ammo truck as you raid the outpost itself you can amass a large amount of firepower in short order. As your Arsenal becomes better supplied with solid equipment, destroying the truck becomes a quick option to damage the AAF’s foothold in the area and local town support. A few mortars directed by a well-hidden FIA soldier can normally complete the destroy method of completing this mission. Supply Recovery Trigger: Petros "Logistic mission", Randomly AAF have found medical supplies abbandoned in a field, a scout group found them and they're attempting to load the goods on a truck. Meanwhile they requested reinforcements from the closest base signaling their location by green smoke. Our job is to take out enemy scouts, load supplies on the truck and then bring that truck to a specific town in order to give supplies to civilians. Timing is important so keep checking your watch because you don't wanna be unprepared about an enemy QRF while you're loading up the truck. Considering those variables, mission can be approached in different ways, it's up to you! Wait for QRF and then strike them all, or act quickly running away even before they could arrive. Leaflet Drop Trigger: Petros "Propaganda" (if choosing a town where support is < 10), Randomly This mission is a variation of the City Supplies concept except instead of delivering supplies you are handing out leaflets to sway the populace of Altis to support your cause. At the outset of this mission you are given a mission truck which is loaded with pro-FIA propaganda. You will be tasked with doing three leaflet drops at three different locations around the chosen town. Each time you approach the drop zone, a minute timer will start which is reset when enemies approach the area or all players venture too far from the truck. News of your propaganda campaign travels fast so expect nearby enemies to be notified of your presence quickly. Propaganda Trigger: Petros "Propaganda" The Establish Propaganda Station mission is a lot like the much bigger, older brother of the Deliver Leaflet mission. At the beginning of the mission you are given a large, brightly-colored propaganda truck that you much drive to the designated down. When you are within 150m of the mission marker you can use the action menu on the truck to deploy the propaganda station which consists of some sandbags, loudspeakers and signs. Obviously, getting the word out about the FIA in such a loud and proud fashion will alert the AAF immediately. Any enemies within 300m of your propaganda station will make their way there to destroy it and any friendly units within 300m will lose their undercover status. A timer will also start. This timer governs both how much support you can pump into the town but also when and how heavy enemy attack waves will spawn. The minimum objective of the mission is to prevent the enemy from penetrating a 50m the perimeter of the Propaganda Station for 10 consecutive minutes. If at any point an enemy disrupts the timer, your 10 minute minimum timer will restart. If you never reach 10 consecutive minutes within 45 minutes of deploying the station, the mission will fail after the 45 minutes is up. In addition, all friendly team members must stay within 300m of the station or the timer will be interrupted. If all BLUFOR die within that 300m before you reach 10 minutes, you will fail the mission. Once the FIA reaches the 10 minute mark, all friendly forces can make a break for safety or they can decide to stay longer to gather even more support. For each 80 seconds after the 10 minutes are completed you will get additional support in that town. However, these additional points are not locked-in to the town until a player chooses the “Disable Station” action on the truck or the full 45 minute timer runs out. Put another way, if all players are killed within a 300m radius of the station all bonus points will be lost but you will still get the support awarded by holding the station for the original consecutive 10 minutes. An Example Scenario 0:00 – The mission starts, consecutive 10 minutes required for success starts at 0. 4:30 – An enemy gets within 50m of the station, the consecutive 10 minutes is reset to 0 5:00 – All enemies are cleared of the station, the consecutive 10 minutes again begins counting up from 0. 15:00 – The minimum 10 minutes required is complete and the mission will succeed whether players survive/continue the mission. Sometime before 45 minutes – The FIA can choose to deactivate the truck and leave the area, locking in not only the award for the 10 consecutive minutes but also any bonus points beyond that. OR Sometime before 45 minutes – All friendly forces are killed within a 300m radius of the station, the bonus from the original 10 minutes is still awarded but any extra time spent defending the station is lost. OR 45:00 – The FIA is awarded a bonus 30 minutes worth of town support points by running the timer down completely in addition to the base award for the first consecutive 10 minutes. For commanders who want to get some sense of what they’re up against, here’s how the enemy typically responds (minutes indicate number of minutes after the Propaganda Station was established): Singleplayer: 5 minutes – Small Air QRF 10 minutes – Small Land QRF 16 minutes – Small CSAT QRF Multiplayer Less than 3 Players: 0 minutes – Small Air QRF 5 minutes – Large Land QRF 10 minutes – Large Land QRF 20 minutes – Small CSAT QRF Multiplayer More than 3 Players: 0 minutes – Large Land QRF 1 minutes – Small Air QRF 4 minutes – Large Land QRF 8 minutes – Large Air QRF 15 minutes – Large Land QRF 16 minutes – Large Air QRF 25 minutes – Large CSAT QRF Rescue Refugees Trigger: Petros "Rescue mission", Randomly Several refugees (which don't make AI spawn in the AO until blufor is present) will be inside the building marked for this mission waiting for your extraction. Enemies will try to kill them as soon as they are spotted, such as a patrol seeing them through windows. While there isn't a timer for the mission, you have to consider that the longer you stay in the AO, regardless of being undercover or not, the more chances they have to get spotted and killed. Approach them and from your action menu select “Order Refugee to Follow Me”. The beleaguered FIA supporters will join your squad and you can order them around just as you would a squadmate. Approach them and from your action menu select “Order Refugee to Follow Me”. The beleaguered FIA supporters will join your squad and you can order them around just as you would a squadmate. In case squad get bigger than 12, don't panic: you can still use "" to select all, or, for precise selection, select a random one (let's say F1) then hit the action button while looking at the desired unit to specifically control him. Tactically speaking, your first priority is to free them and order them to stay prone so that they don't get spotted and then, once they are well covered, get out and find enemies that probably are already allerted by your arrival, deal with them, and find a proper veichle to take them back home. The mission is complete when you reach your HQ with the refugees and you're awarded with HR corresponding the number of alive refugees you brought back. Rescue POWs Trigger: Petros "Rescue mission", Randomly Refugees will be into an enemy outpost / base as prisoners, they won't intentionally kill them if they don't feel it necessary so, ofcourse, take your time because you're mostly like going to siege that place. Kill the Traitor Trigger: Corrupted Politician, Randomly This mission is a find and kill, plain and simple. An FIA soldier wishing to defect will be marked in a town, accompanied by a squad of infantry protecting him. Make the traitor regret his betrayal and put a bullet in his head. This mission can be risky for several reasons: 1. You will definitely have to contend with a squad of prepared infantry to get to the officer and these can be CSAT spec ops who are formidable fighters. Occasionally you can see the traitor sitting near a window and snipe him, but this is rare. 2. Because the traitor normally sets up in a town, mortaring the building into oblivion is obviously a bad idea as the chance for collateral damage is high. If civilians die your popularity in Altis, as well as with your NATO ally, will suffer. 3. There is normally an unarmed MRAP parked outside of the building where your objective is hiding. If the officer starts getting shot at he will make a run for it and then drive to nearest enemy base. If he manage to arrive, Petros' location will be given to CSAT who will immediatly send a special team to kill him (trigger Defend Petros mission) Commanders face a delicate decision on whether to ignore this mission, becuase the traitor will only give up the names of FIA solders if he manages to defect uninterupted, causing you a loss of a significant ammount of HR and the next income will be lowered; try and stop him, on the other hand, and he will not think twice about giving away the location of Petros himself. Assassinate the Officer Trigger: Corrupted Officer An AAF Officer is ispecting a base making plans to attack your owned territories, greatly accelerating the timeline for an AAF attack. Eliminating him will delay this inevitable attack, but he will of course be far better protected than the traitor and will not attempt to flee anywhere. Note that mortar might be ineffective considering the solid buildings and cover that are usually found in bases. Contact Corrupted Politician Trigger: Petros "Contact Corrupted Politician" When Petros gives you the opportunity to contact a corrupt politician. A politician will be based somewhere in a town and he will only wait for a limited amount of time before going dark. He will accept to meet you only if you approach while undercover. If your get spotted (beware of dogs) for any reason he will refuse to talk so you've to go away, regain undercover status and attempt approaching again. If you reach the politician he will give you the ability to request a variety of missions from him: Assassinate Traitor Capture Power Station Convoy Ambush (Any of the multiple varieties) You have the option to request up to two missions from him after which point he will run off to avoid having his cover blown. Contact Corrupted Officer Trigger: Petros "Contact Corrupted Officer" The corrupt police officer mission is exactly the same as the corrupt politician except the set of missions available to you from the police officer is different: Ambush CSAT Spec-Ops Assassinate Officer Neutralize CSAT AA Outpost Destroy Downed Chopper Convoy Ambush (Again any of the multiple varieties) Sketchy Irishman Trigger: Petros "Sketchy Irishman" Upon requesting the Weapons Dealer mission from Petros a shadowy man with a large stockpile of weapons will show himself in a nearby town (the town’s loyalty doesn’t matter so you may luck out and find a weapons dealer in an FIA-controlled area). In order to transact with the weapons dealer you must positively identify yourself as a member of the resistance by removing your Undercover status. The weapons dealer provides three types of gear: weapons, explosives, and accessories. He will stick around his rendezvous point for 60 minutes or until he is killed. Bear in mind that buying military-grade weaponry can attract attention from locals and the AAF alike. There’s a possibility that the AAF will dispatch a QRF to the town where they suspect a weapons deal is going down so don’t expect every purchase to go smoothly. True to form, your weapons dealer can get you access to weapons you otherwise wouldn't "see" and he will react dynamically to what weapons mods you may be running with the Antistasi campaign. Below are the rules for what gear he will provide depending on various modding scenarios. For weapons: Vanilla, no weapon mods: All vanilla gear RHS, no weapon mods: All RHS gear ACE = All vanilla gear RHS + ACE = All RHS gear Any weapon mod (NIArms, etc.): Only the weapons available in that custom weapon mod. For accessories: Accessories will follow the same rules as weapons. For explosives: Explosives are available as either vanilla or RHS, and are always available no matter what mods you're running. Tip: Because the weapons dealer will provide weapons from modifications you've installed by default, he is an excellent way to get modded weapons in the game without modifying the underlying scripting in Antistasi. Destroy Downed Chopper Trigger: Petros "Destroy Mission", Randomly (rare) This mission is just like the two above except the time limit is a bit tighter and you may run into competing AAF forces trying to recover the chopper before you do. If the timing is right and you rush, this mission should be as easy as putting some explosives near the chopper and pushing the detonate button. Speed is key – and often this mission is spawned in the wilderness of Altis so choose your mode of transportation carefully. Capture the Outpost Trigger: Petros "Conquest Mission" This mission comes in two varieties: 1. Capture an outpost out in the woods somewhere that will have a bunker with a few infantry units patrolling it. This will generally be an easy assault as there are not many soldiers and, depending on where the outpost is located, it may be just as easy as a few mortar rounds to complete the objective. However, bear in mind that if you mortar the outpost severely you may destroy the truck and supply box that are sitting next to the base. In this case you will complete the objective but miss out on critical weapons and supplies you could have stolen from the enemy. If the outpost looks easy to capture without mortars, it’s worth trying to keep the supplies/trucks entact. 2. Capture a checkpoint positioned on the road somewhere. In this case you will have to contend with a .50 machinegun encased in a sandbag bunker on either side of the road. You will also have a small squad of infantry roaming around close to the checkpoint. Other than the two guns which you can steal and the gear on the infantry you kill, there is no cache of weapons to bring back with you. Depending on how desperate you are for supplies, it’s generally just easier to drop a couple of mortar rounds on the checkpoint and return to base. If you’re lucky, two well-placed mortar rounds will drop both .50 cal guns as they are the main threats here. Destroy Armor/Arty Trigger: Petros "Destroy Mission", Randomly (rare) This mission is simple to understand but can be difficult to achieve. When tasked with the Destroy Armor/Arty mission you generally need to venture close to an AAF base to seek out the heavy vehicle in question. From there it’s just getting something that goes boom onto the target before you’re spotted and killed. This mission will vary considerably in difficulty depending on the target vehicle’s location, time of day, and whether you have the firepower to destroy a hardened target from a safe distance. Destroy Radio Tower Trigger: Petros "Destroy Mission", Randomly Destroying a radio tower normally goes hand-in-hand with capturing an outpost or base as the AAF likes to station troops near these strategic assets to keep them safe. You technically could always mortar a radio tower from a safe distance but they are actually rather resilient targets. Having a mortar perfectly hit a small, concentrated mass of steel and concrete to disable it will require more ordnance than you’d think. Couple that with the fact that firing too many mortars will attract AAF counter-battery fire and sometimes it’s best just to storm the garrison defending the tower and planting a satchel charge. AAF Supply Convoy Trigger: Randomly, towards town under your control Supply Convoy is a classic guerrilla mission – strike at the enemy where they are vulnerable and seize their materiel to make yourself stronger. You have the option to destroy or steal the supplies that are traveling with the convoy but early on the extra effort to preserving the supply truck can go a long way for your Arsenal. Supply convoys, pretty much like all convoys in Antistasi, generally depart from an AAF base and then make their way to a town or another AAF zone. It’s not always obvious which route they’re going to take to reach their objective so it’s helpful to have observation posts spread around the map to spot the convoy’s movement for you as you plot your ambush. Typically a convoy will spawn with an MRAP or other light vehicle leading the pack, then the target vehicle, and finally anything from a truck filled with infantry to a full-fledged tank bringing up the rear. The location of your strike is critical here as nearby AAF forces will have no problem getting involved with a firefight you start if you attack too close to an enemy zone or AAF-friendly town. Money Convoy Trigger: Corrupt Politician The Money Convoy mission gives you the option of either destroying everything in the convoy to deny the AAF the funds or using some finesse to actually hijack the money truck and bring it to base. Of course, bringing the truck to base will result in a nice cash bonus for the FIA, but whether you destroy or steal the truck NATO and the destination town will support the FIA less for this transgression. Prisoner Convoy Trigger: Corrupted Officer "Convoy Ambush" (rare) This mission requires a delicate approach to pull off as you cannot just RPG the target vehicle into oblivion to succeed. Since the FIA’s own captured soldiers are the cargo here, it’s best to find a way to take out the lead vehicle (generally an MRAP or APC) and then disable the truck carrying the prisoners. Sniping the driver or hitting the engine block with a high-powered weapon will generally do the trick but this is infinitely more difficult than just pelting the vehicle small arms fire until it just stops moving. If you’re able to rescue the prisoners from the convoy and return them to your HQ you get an added HR bonus for every man you rescue. HVT Convoy Trigger: Corrupted Officer "Convoy Ambush" The Destroy Convoy mission follows a similar format as the other convoy missions except that you can just go with sheer firepower to annihilate anything traveling with it, preserving the target vehicle is not required. You also have the added advantage of being able to track where the convoy is on your map at all times which means a well-coordinated ambush is much easier. Counterattacks AAF counterattacks are triggered when the FIA takes a zone from the AAF. The size and response speed of the counterattack will vary widely depending on several factors like the proximity of the conquered zone to an AAF base, overall AAF strength, and other factors. Radio coverage is an important factor here as AAF zones that have been isolated from friendly forces by having no radio communication will not have the ability to call for help and thus normally do not trigger counterattacks. If a counterattack is imminent, Petros will dispatch a few units from HQ to help you but note that if you’ve taken a zone far from your HQ they may not arrive in time. If the player is successful in fending off the AAF counterattack, Antistasi will display a message saying that the zone was “Consolidated”. When this happens the garrison units Petros sent will de-spawn at which point you will need to buy your own garrison to keep this zone defended. AAF Attack Trigger: Randomly, depend on AAF resources, can be more frequent if failing an Assassinate The Officer mission. This mission is simply the AAF assaulting a position you hold in the attempts to take it back from you. Attacks are generally more frequent on FIA zones that are strategically important and close to AAF bases. Be prepared to repeatedly defend areas that are close to AAF bases. The frequency of this mission is calculated by a formula that considers the number of zones the FIA controls with their most recent tax income amount. This provides the base likelihood which can be diminished by completing certain anti-AAF side missions like stealing/destroying supply convoys and killing AAF officers. Thus, failing to assassinate officers, destroy convoys, and other disruptive operations will make it easier for the AAF to organize and attack. As the player progresses through their campaign, the frequency of AAF attacks will increase to the point where they are nearly constant regardless of the number of anti-AAF side missions completed. Defend Petros (FIA HQ) Trigger: Traitor escape and reach safely an AAF base, Mortar usage closeby your HQ If the FIA is careless with where they place their HQ, a traitor escapes the wrath of the FIA, or a player fires too many artillery rounds when the arty unit is placed near the FIA HQ, the AAF may discover the location of your HQ. If this happens, the AAF will immediately call CSAT for support and CSAT will dispatch at least three choppers filled with spec ops infantry to attempt to kill Petros. If your base is well-defended by anti-aircraft guns and a strong garrison, the AI will know an air assault is too dangerous and they will not bother to attack. If you’ve left Petros in a poorly defended area, however, it will be only a few minutes before squads of CSAT are fast roping to his position to kill him. It is best to have at least one player at your HQ to defend Petros as it only takes one well-placed bullet to severely set back the FIA and any time Petros is in combat is very risky. CSAT Punishment (Town) Trigger: Randomly, depend on CSAT support value When CSAT support levels get too high for the AAF (i.e. CSAT is panicking because their AAF allies are getting their butts kicked) they will send spec ops and fixed wing aircraft to FIA-controlled towns to punish the populace for supporting their enemy. CSAT will try to completely destroy the town and will kill everyone they find. Note that this mission will not appear if the FIA does not control any military bases. Not all defensive missions require direct player involvement. Garrisoning your zones with a strong force is often sufficient to fend off the attacking AAF. Bear in mind that AAF attacks often come in either the ground-based armor/mechanized infantry or air-based attack chopper/troop transport chopper variety (or even both). Just because a zone is protected by a “front line” does not mean the AAF will not airlift troops to a weak spot deeper in FIA territory.