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    In my time on playing the server I think these should become a thing... In General - Remove Stamina. - Convoys difficulty increased. - Civ. and cops can revive each other. - Add in suppressors. - Couple more roles, e.g PMC , security. - More scripted events, such as, Art Gallery, Commonwealth bank (Not federal reserve). - Chopshop prices get re - accessed. - Bodies Be Lootable. Civillian / Rebel - Many more weapons and clothing options in the clothing stores and weapon vendors. - Decrease prices for clothes, e.g. Full Ghille, Arid -150k... Too expensive. - More Vehicles. - Rebel Missions to complete for cash. - Don't require as much gold to craft weapons. Police Force - Police Missions to earn cash. - Martial Law menu. - Fire / Boot off system, e.g [Player] [Time] [Reason For Temp Suspension]. - Fuel Reducers, Shot out of Titan launcher, instead of a lethal rocket, a fuel reductor can be used to drain fuel from a vehicle, armed vehicles will have no other choice but to leave or risk fuel reaching 0. - Few More ranks as the server progresses on. - Police Events, such as, convoys or defence of an area. Other, please think about these carefully. - Armed Air Vehicles, Pawnee, Orcas, Hellcats (For Cops) Kajman (For Cops) |||| This suggestion seems waaaaay too far fetched I'm aware, but if these were added it would give a whole new combat perspective to the server, but to keep it in check, the vehicles could be coded to have no DAR rockets, no 7.62 (Optional - But should not keep rockets) and if civs get too out of hand, declare martial law. Or an air restriction maybe. //// Also these vehicles shouldn't be handed out to everyone with rebel training, have them be unlock able, by hours played on server, or a quest line set up by admins. - Martial Law have perks for civ and cop for example... Cops may break nlr during ML but can only spawn a certain distance away. - More rewards for civs during ML. I realise some suggestions are a bit far fetched, but I only want to get ideas out so it can create a better experience for the players, I know the server is only in early stages of development, bugs occur, but once that's ironed out, it'll be better. Some people will think I took some suggestions from Darkside Gaming, but they can be changed in ways that will not be a copy of it. Regardless I hope you enjoyed my suggestions, comment below if u wish explaining to be done on x suggestion. Any suggestion, even if it's already been done by other people is a worthy suggestion, Owners can always get rid of it if they see fit.
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    Hey All, Thought i would introduce myself and say hi, so i will hopefully be helping Rogue and the crew with getting the altis life server up as i have had a couple of my own and would like to share some great ideas with the crew. Would be great to meet all the ARA members and say gday. Justin44
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    1. What is your In-Game name? - new 2. What is your Steam 64 ID? - 76561198163455185 3. How long have you been a member of the ARA? - from the very start 4. Why do you want to join the Altis Police Department? (50+ Words) - I want to be able to protect the people of Altis. I want people to be treated fairly and get a chance to progress in the game. I want to prevent people from getting killed/robbed so that they do not feel disappointed or betrayed. I would also love to be that guy who talk to people so as to let them understand the purpose of role play and why such crimes do happen. I want people to be happy to be able to have fun in this server. Lastly, Altis PD will enable me to make new friends. 5. What do you think you can contribute towards the Department? (100+ Words) - I am a very valuable player in arma 3 first off I have a very good shot with any gun so you can put me in position and I will fire. I am also very valuable because I am mostly on every afternoon. I've been on the server long enough to know its controls and how to be a police officer.I would like to become white listed and enjoy the server even more.I am a very quick learner if anything comes up that I need to learn. I am very mature and would follow rules. I would be really happy if I could become a white listed cop so thanks for your time 6. Do you have any previous experience on Life Servers in a Police Officer role? yes
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    Thank you for the application, I would like to speak with you next time your on our TeamSpeak 3 server: ARA.STREAMLINEGAMES.COM
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    ACCEPTED By Deputy Commissioner Matt.k Welcome to the Police force Message one of the staff members for Whitelisting/Tag
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    Facts dont care about your feelings