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  1. News & Information

  2. Community

  3. Altis Life Rules

    1. General Rules

      These Rules apply to all player on Altis Life

    2. Police Rules & Procedures

      All Police Rules & Procedures can be found here. Remember to read up on these before applying!

    3. Gangs / Rebels

      Rules for Gangs and Rebels can be found here.

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    4. White-listed Civilian Rules

      Rules for Medics, Mechanics and any other jobs we add can be found here

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  4. Gang & Business Forums

    1. Recruitment

      Recruit Gang Members or Employees here!

    2. Discussions

      A place to discuss things with your own or other gangs.

  5. Application Centre

  6. Help & Support

    1. TeamSpeak Support

      Having a problem with our TeamSpeak? Post here!

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    2. In-Game Support

      Having a problem In-Game? Post here!

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    3. Compensation Requests

      All Compensation Requests must be provided with evidence. No Exceptions.

  7. Featured Servers

    1. TeamSpeak 3   (39 visits to this link)


    2. ARA Clan Server   (41 visits to this link)


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